Top 5 Tips for Injury Accidents

We’ve all probably been involved in an accident of some sort in our lives.  Whether it be a car accident, a workplace accident, or you’re just prone to clumsy accidents, let’s face it, injuries are just a part of life.  What I didn’t understand until I began working on personal injury cases is that more often than not, when the injuries are the result of another person’s behavior, the law allows for compensation for those injuries.  So with this thought in mind, here are the Ardeo Law Group’s Top 5 Tips for dealing with an Injury Accident:

1.       Get a Report:  When involved in an accident, make sure that there is an official report taken.  If you are involved in a car accident, always call the police!  You will want that report later and you will want the police to make a finding of fault.  If you are injured at work, make sure the human resources department documents the injury.  Bottom line: Insist on a report being made and make sure you get a copy of that report!

2.       Get Emergency Medical Care:  If you are injured, take care of yourself.  Go to the emergency room, an urgent care, or your primary care physician, and get checked out as soon as possible.  Best case scenario? Get a medical evaluation same day, as soon as its okay to leave the scene and/or get an appointment with your physician of your choice.  Having a record of your condition immediately after the accident will help establish damages and in turn compensation.  Bottom line: DO NOT DELAY TREATMENT

3.       Lawyer Up:  In the past I have relied on my insurance company to settle injury claims on my behalf, and I’m not saying it is a cardinal sin, but what you should be aware of is this: Your insurance companies interests are NOT your interests.  While your insurance company does have a duty to represent you, in the end they are likely a large corporation with conflicting interests.  Your interests are best served by someone who is looking out for only you, and that is what an attorney does best.

4.       Take Time to Treat:  Often times people skimp on their treatment and this is a personal disservice, not only in terms of compensation, by also in terms of your health.  Your attorney can connect you with chiropractors, physical therapists, pain management doctors, etc.  Follow your doctors plans all the way through.  Take the time your body needs to heal and complete treatment.  This ensures the best results for your health and for your wallet.

5.       Document Everything:  After you’ve been in an accident it is important to document everything - your treatment, your symptoms, missed work days, loss of compensation, everything related to the accident.  Get a journal write it all down.  The more specific you are the better your attorney can relate your losses, and the more money you will receive in damages.

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Posted on September 18, 2017 .